Motivo Supervisor FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

Providing clinical supervision through Motivo gives you the opportunity to help shape and develop the next generation of mental health clinicians.  Many supervisors feel that it is an important and meaningful way to “pay it forward.”

Additionally, you will be able to supplement your current therapy and/or supervision practice by connecting with supervisees through the site. This reduces the time and expense you invest in marketing. You have the opportunity to accept supervisees who you feel can best benefit from your experience and expertise.


Further, as a Motivo Clinical Supervisor, you will receive a monthly user report, outlining the dates, hours and attendance of your supervision sessions. You are welcome to download the report for your records.

The payment rate varies based on the type of supervision you are providing. See below chart. Our rates were decided after careful research comparing clinical supervision rates across the country in both urban and rural areas, and among new and seasoned clinical supervisors.


Individual Supervision

(one supervisee, one supervisor)

Dyad Supervision

(two supervisees, one supervisor)

Group Supervision

(3-6 supervisees, one supervisor)


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