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Motivo is a wonderful resource for my supervision. I live in an area where I would have to drive a significant distance to see a supervisor in person. Now I can get excellent supervision without the extra time and travel.


My favorite thing about Motivo is the caring staff. They are patient and warm people who took time to be sure that I could use the technology. With their help, I use the resource with ease.


I have been more than satisfied with the Motivo experience including the ease of connection, the quality of the supervisor that I found, the simplicity of the billing process, and the attentive customer service of the Motivo staff.  I would highly recommend this process to other counseling post-graduates seeking licensure.


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Motivo is THE ideal way to find a great supervisor

Motivo is THE ideal way to find a great supervisor

Craig says, "I highly recommend Motivo to my counseling friends and colleagues. In fact, I am eager to make this resource known to my graduate program institution. I’m sure that many more post-grads could benefit from having online supervision from a high quality, board-approved professional. In my opinion, Motivo is THE ideal way to find a great supervisor."
7 Signs of a Healthy Relationship

7 Signs of a Healthy Relationship

John Gottman is one of the most influential researchers and purveyors of couple’s therapy. With over 40 years of research on 3,000 couples, he and his team have accomplished the most extensive study ever done on marital stability and divorce prediction.
JAY-Z Sums Up Therapy in Five Words: What You Reveal, You Heal

JAY-Z Sums Up Therapy in Five Words: What You Reveal, You Heal

In a recent conversation with New York Times editor Dean Baquet, Jay-Z gives a major nod to the power of therapy. Interpreting this interview as a scripted drama, the setting is an executive office at the Times building in present-day America, the main characters are two highly successful black men and the plot is a conversation about “therapy, politics, marriage, and being a black man in Trump’s America.”


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